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Unblock or Reset Password of ProxKey Watchdata Token

By January 10, 2022May 9th, 2024No Comments

How to Unblock or Reset Password ProxKey Watchdata Token

Reset or unblock ProxKey Watchdata Token PIN

Unlocking of ProxKey Watchdata Token pin is very easy, just follow the below article and reset password of Watchdata ProxKey Token in just few minutes.

To unblock password of ProxKey Watchdata Token you must have a digital signature certificate inside the token because to unblock ProxKey Watchdata Token you will need Email ID or Mobile No registered with your token.

Step to Unlock or Reset Password of Watchdata Proxkey Token:

Step 01: Un-install existing Watchdata Proxkey Token driver from your PC/Laptop.

Step 02: Download and Install Latest version of Watchdata Proxkey Token driver (Click Here to Download).

Step 03: Plug-In blocked Watchdata Proxkey Token.

Step 04: Open Website:

Step 05: Click on “Reset PIN (Email)” button.

Step 06: You will see Digital Signature details like Name, SL No, and Email ID.

Step 07: Click on “Send Email OTP” Button and check your mail ID.

Step 08: Put OTP received at your registered Email ID and then click on Verify OTP Button.

Step 09: Now your OTP is verified and you will see new PIN entering field.

Step 10: Now enter new token PIN and enjoy.


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