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Download Sify Safescrypt DGFT (Class 3) Digital Signature Certificate Application Form, Click following link:

Click below for Sify DGFT (Class 3) Digital Signature Certificate Application Form

Download Now


  1. Click Above Link and Download Class 2 Digital Signature Application FOrm
  2. Take a printout of the downloaded form. You can take either a black and white OR a color printout.
    At the top part, ignore the part for class, request id.
  3. Do not use Black Color Pen for Filling Class 3 Digital Signature Application Form.
  4. Fill the form with hand in BLUE Pen only. Do not use of any other color pen anywhere in the form.
  5. Fill Section 1, Section 2, Section 3 and Section 4 only. Ignore ‘Office Use’ section.
  6. Do not forget to mention mobile number and e-mail id in Section 1 as these will be verified.
  7. Stick latest passport-size colour photo of applying individual at top right as indicated.
  8. DO NOT overwrite. DO NOT cancel anywhere. DO NOT use white-ink. Overwriting/cancellation/use
    of white-ink will lead to rejection.