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How to Install ePass 2003 Token Driver in Windows 7

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Step by Step How to install ePass 2003 Auto Token Driver in Windows 7:

  1. Plugin you ePass 2003 Token in your computers USB Port
  2. Open “my Computer” or “This PC”
  3. Open Drive “CD Drive () es2003_***”
  4. Or download ePass 2003 Token Driver from Prospect Digital, Open Zip File and follow the below process.
  5. Double click on file name “ePass2003India-Setup”
  6. ¬†Click “OK” on Please Select Language window
  7. Click “Next” on Welcome to the ePass2003 Setup window
  8. Click “Next” on Choose Install Location window
  9. Select “Private CSP” and click “Install” on Choose CSP option window
  10. After you click on “Install” button, installation process will start
  11. The final page you will see is Completing the ePass 2003 Setup
  12. Click on “Finish” button and you are done here.